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GBG is the appointed provider to process Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Enhanced Disclosure applications for Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) and Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs).

Enhanced Disclosures are used by the DVSA Registrar as part of a ‘fit and proper’ assessment, for the roles of ADI and PDI, to ensure the integrity of the ADI Register and give members of the public reassurance of their safety when learning to drive.

Applications are made online, or on paper in exceptional circumstances.

Driving Instructors

ADI’s are required to obtain a new disclosure certificate prior to the renewal of their registration. Details of how to apply are included in a letter sent by the DVSA approximately six months before the expiry of an ADI’s registration period. If you have not received this letter five months before the expiry of your current licence you should contact DVSA for advice.

PDI’s are usually required to obtain a disclosure certificate before applying to the DVSA for approval to start the qualification process. Before you apply for a disclosure certificate you should read the guide to the ADI register which can be found on here.

Please note, if any of the below apply you should apply to DVSA before obtaining your disclosure certificate:

  • If you have any endorsements, including disqualifications
  • If you have five or more fixed penalty points on your driving licence
  • If you are restricted to drive vehicles with automatic transmission due to a disability
  • If you have not held a full UK or EU licence for four out of the last six years

You can apply online to DVSA:

Driving Examiners

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has introduced criminal records checks for warrant card holders. When directed by DVSA, GBG will send you an application pack.

Order A Pack

DVSA Downloads

Download continuation sheet
Use this form for submitting your past addresses and name history

Download the ADI applicant pack letter
Pre-drafted letter to send to members of your organisation required a background check

Download the PDI applicant pack letter
Pre-drafted letter to send to members of your organisation required a background check

Download guidance notes for applicants
Guidance notes on how to correctly complete the forms

DVSA suitability statement
A document describing the suitability statement

Post Office ID checking services
A document describing the Post Office ID checking service

Examiner DBS suitability statement
A document describing Examiner DBS suitability statement

Welsh Language Version

Mae TMG CRB wedi ei benodi gan yr Asiantaeth Safonau Gyrru (DVSA) i brosesu ceisiadau Datgeliad Manylach ar gyfer Hyfforddwyr Gyrru Cymeradwy a Hyfforddwyr Gyrru Posibl.

Defnyddir Datgeliadau Manylach gan gofrestrydd y DVSA yn rhan o asesiad ‘addas a chywir’, ar gyfer rolau Hyfforddwyr Gyrru Cymeradwy a Phosibl, i sicrhau cywirdeb y Gofrestr Hyfforddwyr ac i roi sicrwydd i’r cyhoedd ynglyn â’u diogelwch wrth ddysgu gyrru.

Gellir gwneud ceisiadau ar-lein neu trwy’r gwasanaeth papur traddodiadol.

Mae gofyn i Hyfforddwyr Gyrru Cymeradwy gael Datgeliad newydd cyn adnewyddu eu trwydded Hyfforddwr. Gellir gwneud ceisiadau ar-lein neu trwy ffurflen gais ddatgelu. Mae manylion sut i ymgeisio wedi eu cynnwys mewn llythyr a anfonwyd gan y DVSA tua chwe mis cyn dyddiad dod i ben cyfnod cofrestru Hyfforddwyr Gyrru Cymeradwy. Os nad ydych wedi derbyn y llythyr hwn bum mis cyn dyddiad dod i ben eich trwydded bresennol, dylech gysylltu â’r DVSA am gyngor.

Fel arfer mae angen i Hyfforddwyr Gyrru Posibl sicrhau datgeliad cyn gwneud cais i’r DVSA am gymeradwyaeth i gychwyn y broses gymhwyso. Cyn y gallwch wneud cais am ddatgeliad, dylech ddarllen canllaw’r DVSA ar ddod yn Hyfforddwyr Gyrru Cymeradwy. Gallwch lawrlwytho copi o’r canllaw yma.

Sylwer, os bydd unrhyw un o’r isod yn berthnasol i chi, dylech wneud cais i’r DVSA cyn sicrhau’r Datgeliad:

  • os oes gennych unrhyw ardystiadau, yn cynnwys gwaharddiadau neu fwy na thri phwynt cosb sefydlog ar eich trwydded yrru
  • os ydych wedi’ch cyfyngu i yrru cerbydau gyda thrawsyriant awtomatig oherwydd anabledd
  • os nad ydych wedi meddu ar drwydded lawn y Deyrnas Unedig neu Undeb Ewropeaidd am bedair o’r chwe blynedd diwethaf

Gallwch ymgeisio ar-lein i’r DVSA neu lawrlwytho ffurflen Cais am gofrestriad fel Hyfforddwyr gyrru posibl (ADI 3) yma.

Beth sydd angen i chi ei wneud?
Rwy’n ADI ac wedi adnewyddu fy nghofrestriad o fewn y ddwy flynedd ddiwethaf.

Beth ddylwn i ei wneud?
Aros. O fewn y ddwy flynedd nesaf bydd TMG CRB yn postio pecyn ymgeisydd ADI atoch, a bydd hwnnw’n cynnwys popeth sydd ei angen i fynd trwy’r broses.

Rwy’n ADI a byddaf yn adnewyddu fy nghofrestriad yn ystod y ddwy flynedd nesaf.

Beth ddylwn i ei wneud?
Aros. Bydd y DVSA yn anfon llythyr atoch i’ch cynghori i ofyn am becyn ymgeisydd ADI gennym ni, chwe mis cyn dyddiad adnewyddu eich cofrestriad.

Rwy’n ADI sydd newydd gymhwyso, ac y mae arnaf angen cofrestru am y tro cyntaf.

Beth ddylwn i ei wneud?
Aros. Byddwch yn cael pecyn ymgeisydd ADI a fydd yn cynnwys popeth sydd ei angen i fynd trwy’r broses.
Rwy’n PDI.

Dylech gysylltu â Capita Recruitment and Vetting Service neu’r DVSA.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am y broses, cliciwch ar y cyswllt canlynol.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a criminal record check?

A criminal record check is a process used to help organisations make safe recruitment decisions if the person concerned is working with children, young people or vulnerable adults

Do I need a criminal record check?

Driving instructors are training young people and are eligible for an Enhanced Disclosure. This is part of the DVSA’s process to ensure all driving instructors are ‘fit and proper’ people and to protect young learners

What do I need to do to get an Enhanced Disclosure?

All ADIs are required to complete an application prior to the four yearly licence renewal. You will receive a letter from DVSA six months prior to your renewal advising you on how to apply.

Contact GBG 0845 251 5000* (option 3) requesting an application for a PDI.

What is an applicant pack?

A bespoke package created for driving instructors electing to apply via the traditional paper-based application form. It contains all you need to get an Enhanced Disclosure.

I’m worried my documents will get lost or stolen

GBG strongly recommends you have your identity documents verified at a Post Office branch.

Online applications include an integrated Post Office ID verification option.

If you apply using the traditional paper application form you will receive a Post Office ID checking service form in your application pack. If you elect to have your ID verified by GBG, we recommend you use a secure means of sending it to us, such as Royal Mail’s Recorded or Special Delivery service. Your documents will be handled with care and returned to you on the day of receipt by recorded delivery. If you wish to have your documents returned by any other service, such as Royal Mail Special Delivery, you must provide a pre-paid envelope that can be purchased from a Post Office.

How much does it cost?

You do not have to pay for the criminal record disclosure but you will have to pay the costs involved in having your identification documents checked at the Post Office or posting them to GBG.

What happens next?

Once a completed application is received by Online Disclosures an administrator will check your application for accuracy, verify ID, countersign and submit to the DBS.

How long will it take for my disclosure to come back?

A correctly completed application will be processed at GBG, countersigned and sent to DBS for processing within two working days of receipt. The DBS aims to process 90% of checks in 28 days. Online Disclosures progress chases all disclosures on your behalf to ensure there are no unnecessary delays. Online applications are quicker, 80% are returned in less than 10 working days.

The final confidential checking stage by local police forces may cause delays. The fact that a disclosure is taking longer than normal does not necessarily mean that there is any cause for concern. Visit:, search for Police Performance to check out the performance of individual police forces.

You can monitor the progress of your disclosure using the DBS online tracking service:, follow links for online tracking. You can apply online and receive email updates.

What happens if I change address during the process?

You must contact us as soon as possible. If your application is in process with the DBS it may not be possible to change the address and your copy of the Enhanced Disclosure will be sent to the address as detailed on the application form. We will endeavour to assist you wherever possible in such cases.

What if my Enhanced Disclosure is wrong?

This is called a ‘dispute’. Follow the instructions on the reverse of your disclosure and register your dispute with the DBS. If you need additional help, contact us and we’ll help you with the process.

What do I do if I want to dispute the Registrar’s decision?

You have 28 days to appeal against the Registrar’s decision through the Transport Tribunal.

Can I refuse to have an Enhanced Disclosure?

The Registrar has advised that if you do not comply with the requirement to obtain a criminal record check he will be unable to consider an application for initial registration as a PDI or an application to extend the registration of an ADI.

How long will the disclosure be valid for?

Each disclosure will show the date on which it was printed. Disclosures do not carry a pre-determined period of validity because conviction or other matter could be recorded against the subject of the disclosure at any time after it is issued. Because of this the Registrar will only accept a disclosure when considering applications for a maximum of 6 months from the date of issue.

The Registrar requires all driving instructors to complete a new application when they renew their registration every four years.

I already have a criminal record check. Do I need another one?

Yes. The DVSA has taken advice on this and at present driving instructors will need to have a DVSA Enhanced Disclosure specifically for the role of a driving instructor.

What records are consulted for a Enhanced Disclosure?

The DBS provides access to a range of different types of data including the following information:

    • Held on the Police National Computer (PNC) such as convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings in England, Wales and those recorded from Scotland. There is also some Northern Ireland conviction data held on PNC
    • Held by local police forces relating to relevant non-conviction information
    • From the Government’s Children’s Barred List
    • Held by the Department for Education (DfE) under Section 142 of the Education Act 2002 (formerly known as List 99)

I have got some old convictions. I can’t afford to lose my livelihood. What should I do?

Having a criminal record does not automatically mean that you cannot be a driving instructor. The DVSA will follow the DBS Code of Practice. This means they will only act on ‘significant and relevant’ information.

Who will see what is detailed on my Enhanced Disclosure?

The DBS issues one copy of the disclosure. This is sent to the applicant at their home address as detailed on the application form.

Other people do not know about my past. Can I keep it private?

The DVSA will treat all information in strict confidence.

Your copy of the disclosure will come to your home, addressed to you. The envelope will be marked Strictly Confidential – For the Addressee Only.

How do I make a complaint?

In writing to
Service and Operations Manager,
1 Wilford Business Park,
Ruddington Lane, Nottingham,
NG11 7EP

In writing to
CRB Customer Relations Manager,
PO Box 110,
L69 3EF

In writing to
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency,
The Axis,
112 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham,

*Calls cost 3p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge