Hosted Solution


For existing Registered Bodies (RB) processing over 1,500 applications per year we offer a hosted solution.

This will allow you to manage your DBS applications through your RB via Online Disclosures. The system and its hosting arrangements have been accredited by the Disclosure and Barring Service to allow GBG to provide the hosted service.

Our hosted solution allows you to manage your applications from start to finish whilst we provide the software and eBulk link to the DBS and host your data in a secure environment.

GBG supports, maintains and upgrades the service so you don’t need to worry about expensive development and maintenance costs.

Hosted Benefits

  • Enables access to the e-Bulk service
  • Enables clients to retain individual RB status and identity
  • Enables the RB and Countersignatory to be detailed on the Disclosure certificate.
  • Avoids the time and expense of software development, maintenance and security
  • System is managed within a secure environment