Online Criminal Record Checks


GBG have developed Online Disclosures, an online criminal record check application utilising the DBS’s e-Bulk interface, which allows electronic submission of criminal record check applications without the need to fill in a paper application form.

It’s a faster, cost effective and more efficient process than paper-based applications. Our online application has been developed to take all the stress and hassle out of the process, enabling you to focus on your core activities.

Benefits of Online Criminal Record Check


Online criminal record check applications enable a significant time saving compared to paper-based applications.

The DBS’s average turnaround time for paper applications is 4 weeks whereas, 80% of Online Disclosures’ online applications complete within 5 days and 97% complete within 10 days.


Using our online criminal record check service means no postage costs and a reduction in administration time.

Each application is paid for upon submission, meaning you don’t have to prepay for multiple applications in advance.


Paper applications have an average error rate of 30% upon submission. Using our online service eliminates errors to <0.03% as the system validates the data supplied prior to submission, which removes the time consuming process of forms going back and forth in the post to correct errors.


Applications can be saved partially completed and returned to at a later date. Organisations can track the progress of applications from the Application Management dashboard or by using the reporting function.

Service Options


Our Umbrella Body service is the quickest and easiest way to process and manage your Disclosure applications. All you need to do is register to be a client and you will see the benefits of these service features:

  • Progress chasing all Disclosures which are not returned within the DBS’s target timeframe
  • Management of all disputed Disclosures
  • Management of all fingerprint requests

Reports available to download from our online system


For existing DBS Registered Bodies processing over 1,500 criminal record checks per year GBG offer a hosted solution. This allows you to keep your Registered Body status and give you complete control of your applications from start to finish. Our software can be customised to fit with your existing database(s) for an integrated management system.

For more information, visit our dedicated hosted service information