What Are Criminal Record Checks?


The criminal record checking process helps employers make safer recruitment decisions, enabling them to undertake appropriate checks on staff, potential staff and students who may come into contact with children and vulnerable groups.

Disclosure Types

There are three types of Disclosure: Basic, Standard and Enhanced.

Eligibility for Disclosures is underpinned by law. The level of the check required is dependent on the exposure and risk associated with the relationship between the individual and the children and/or vulnerable groups.

GBG provides expert advice and guidance on the regulated activity guidance and eligibility criteria to ensure all checks are legal and proportionate.

A Basic check contains details of convictions considered to be unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (ROA) or states that there are no such convictions. Anyone can have a Basic Disclosure.

For more information visit our dedicated information on Basic Disclosures.

Standard checks are for people entering certain professions, such as members of the legal and accountancy professions. Standard checks contain convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings held in England and Wales on the Police National Computer, relevant convictions in Scotland and Northern Ireland may also be included.

Enhanced checks are for roles that involve regular care, supervision or training for children and vulnerable adults.

The Enhanced check involves an additional level of check above the Standard check – a check on local police records. Where local police records contain additional information that may be relevant to the post the applicant is being considered for, the Chief Officer of police may release information for inclusion in an Enhanced check.

Disclosure Scotland

Disclosure Scotland issues Standard and Enhanced disclosures for individuals who are applying for a relevant position in Scotland. Basic disclosures are available to anyone, throughout the UK, for any purpose.

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