Criminal Record Management


The DBS, Disclosure Scotland and Access Northern Ireland enforce that certain standards are met in the processing and management of Disclosure information when it is produced after the relevant checks have been completed in accordance to their Code of Practice.

What is Criminal Record Management?

Organisations must ensure that Disclosure information is used to make appropriate recruitment decisions in accordance with legislation on the recruitment of ex-offenders. Suitable Criminal Record Management dictates that suitability decisions must be taken by individuals that have been suitably trained to assess the relevance and circumstances of any content.

It must also be ensured that appropriate guidance and training has been issued on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act in relation to the employment of ex-offenders. Any matter must be discussed with the person seeking the position before withdrawing a conditional offer of employment.

How can we help?

GBG offer a Criminal Record Management process to assist organisations in disseminating the information revealed on certificates and making suitable recruitment decisions. This is a service currently provided to a large volume user processing in the region of 40,000 Disclosures per year.

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